So, you have decided to join a PhD program. You must have prepared yourself to spend your time between reading, assimilating and planning your own research project. The general perception is that, as a PhD scholar you need to read a lot, and research. It is not wrong; research and research-related reading take up a major chunk of a PhD scholar’s time. However, there are some other challenges to be mastered too. Having a few more feathers in your cap will make your journey a smoother one.

1. Time management: It is often said that a PhD scholar doesn’t have…

“I can relate to him, my life isn’t so much different”, Rita was pointing towards the TV screen.

On the screen, Tom Hanks was struggling with the waves in the middle of nowhere, in the movie ‘Cast Away’.

“I am not joking, like him, I too am not sure where I am headed”, Rita responded to my bemused look.

My sister Rita is a PhD student who seems to be going through a difficult phase. She is not alone though and this may not be the only time that she is going to feel depressed. The road to graduation can…

Research student confused while deciding research problem to work on

“You are an electronics engineer. What were you doing in an operation theatre?“ perplexed but impressed, Ila queried.

“I am researching health monitoring devices of micro sometimes nano sizes. I was taking readings for one such device during surgery”, explained Rita to her cousin.

“Okay…. “, Ila, like a typical teenager, had another question ready, ”But how did you decide to research on medical devices?“

“How to explain that?”, Rita said teasingly, “Look at it this way, a few years ago you started experimenting with makeup, and now you are almost an expert in eye-makeup. “

Ila laughed, “But seriously…

Anupama Nilmani

Hi! I am Anupama, an engineer by education and explorer by passion. I am a follower of life, embracing all its twist and turn with zeal and making the most from

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